December 16, 2014
However, NIH’s 2014 Monitoring the Future survey shows high rates of e-cigarette use and fewer concerns about marijuana’s risks
November 12, 2014
NIH study in rodents identifies a pathway that starts with glutamate and ends with activation of dopamine reward system
October 27, 2014
Adds to physician toolbox for addressing substance use in patients
October 16, 2014
NIH announces 11 awards funded across three Institutes
September 9, 2014
NIH observance links teens with scientific experts
July 17, 2014
Data from the National Drug Early Warning System will promote rapid and effective public health responses
June 4, 2014
Comprehensive review published in the New England Journal of Medicine also discusses why risks are greatest for teen users
June 3, 2014
NIH preclinical study suggests higher risk of death is associated with warmer brain temperature
May 21, 2014
Interactive module improves medical student care for elderly back pain patient “Edna”
May 20, 2014
Guides target both teens and parents with up-to-date science-based facts on marijuana
May 19, 2014
NIH’s HIV/AIDS research awards offer hope in battling HIV infection and improving long-term outcomes in HIV-infected drug users
May 16, 2014
Other honors awarded to project using theoretical model of GABA(A) receptor to screen potential medications; study exploring cognitive control in multitaskers
May 6, 2014
Rutter to lead institute’s efforts to explore the relationship between genes, environment, and the neuroscience of addiction
April 24, 2014
New England Journal of Medicine commentary describes that vital medications are currently underutilized in addiction treatment services and discusses ongoing efforts by major public health agencies to encourage their use
January 23, 2014
Guide on treating teen substance abuse and online education for healthcare providers now available
January 3, 2014
New NIH study shows that certain protective factors do not exist in those with severe mental illness
December 18, 2013
NIH’s 2013 Monitoring the Future Survey shows high rates of marijuana use; decreases in abuse of pain relievers and synthetic drugs
December 10, 2013
New NIH study dispels concerns about addressing tobacco addiction among substance abuse patients