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May 18, 2012
Connecticut teen’s exploration of the prefrontal cortex impresses NIH judges
March 21, 2012
NIH-funded research shows 3D model of activity on key receptor
February 21, 2012
New site for adults with limited literacy skills, with audio versions of each page
January 17, 2012
Consumer-friendly publication will guide those struggling with addiction
December 14, 2011
But NIDA's 2011 Monitoring the Future Survey also shows continued high levels of abuse of alternate tobacco products, marijuana and prescription drugs
November 8, 2011
NIH announces results from first large scale study on treatment of prescription opioid addiction
November 7, 2011
NIH, MusiCares® and GRAMMY Foundation® hail teen artists during National Drug Facts Week
November 2, 2011
NIDA-funded research in mice shows that nicotine primes the brain to enhance cocaine
October 6, 2011
Landmark collaboration is the first since the passing of the 2009 Tobacco Control Act
September 27, 2011
Selected grantees will use neuroscience to engage young people in science
September 20, 2011
Grants support novel approaches for treating methamphetamine and nicotine addiction
August 26, 2011
Ho plans to develop a revolutionary, long-acting HIV therapy to improve adherence to treatment
August 22, 2011
Awareness week for teens promotes scientific facts about drugs
August 16, 2011
NIH study in mice shows a potential new target for the treatment of ADHD
July 2, 2011
NIH-funded study shows how secondhand smoke may increase vulnerability to nicotine addiction
June 9, 2011
NIH-funded study identifies brain pathway in rodents that could be target of new treatments for smoking and weight control
May 13, 2011
New York high school senior looks at the behavioral economics of intergenerational preferences
May 9, 2011
Original music and music video competition part of National Drug Facts Week
April 18, 2011
"Addiction Performance Project" premiers for clinicians
April 8, 2011
NIH and ASAM launch new screening resources
April 8, 2011
NIDA's "Addiction Performance Project" for docs to launch in D.C. April 16th
April 5, 2011
NIH report could lead to improved strategies for pain management
January 18, 2011
Time-lapse technique can show cellular changes related to problems like addiction and brain tumors
December 14, 2010
NIDA's Monitoring the Future Survey shows increases in Ecstasy use and continued high levels of prescription drug abuse
December 9, 2010
NIH study compares buprenorphine to methadone in opioid addicted pregnant women
November 10, 2010
NIH collaborates with MusiCares® and the GRAMMY Foundation® to honor teen musicians during National Drug Facts Week
September 23, 2010
NIH research to improve public health with focus on prison and jail systems across the United States
September 21, 2010
Awards support novel approaches for treating tobacco and cocaine addiction
September 13, 2010
Selected awardee studies the mechanisms of latent HIV infection to develop counter measures aimed at eliminating the virus
August 26, 2010
Innovative federal partnership should yield important findings about returning military personnel
August 16, 2010
November Awareness Week Promotes Scientific Facts about Drugs for Teens
August 15, 2010
Findings represent additional clues to help predict vulnerability to drug abuse