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May 27, 2010
Neuroscience Center, Rockville, Maryland


NIDA Planning Group:

  • Gaya Dowling
  • Ericka Boone
  • Wilson Compton
  • Redonna Chandler
  • Richard Denisco
  • Jacqueline Lloyd
  • Geetha Subramaniam
  • Petra Jacobs

Meeting Goals/Objectives:

  • Expectations from Meeting:
    • To discuss the current state of the science and the most effective approaches for adolescent screening in primary care settings.
    • To inform NIDA's development of an electronic adolescent drug screening tool and resource guide for clinicians.
  • Why important?
    • The high prevalence of substance abuse among adolescents calls for targeted effective intervention strategies.
    • Primary care settings provide a unique opportunity to identify substance youth and prevent their escalation to addiction or refer them to necessary treatment.

Topics Discussed:

  • Validated adolescent screening instruments
  • Considerations for different ages/developmental stages
  • Key decision points when selecting or creating a screener (e.g., purpose of the screener, risk versus severity, cut points, etc.)
  • Clinical decision support
    • What do physician's do when a screening is positive
  • Use of technology in adolescent screening tools

Take Home Messages from Talks/Group Discussions:

Outcomes from Discussion

  • Two primary evidence-based instruments discussed—CRAFFT and GAIN
  • Pros and cons of embedding drug abuse screening in broader behavioral health care screening
  • Different questions, cut-points, item hierarchies for different adolescent stages
  • Research on brief intervention for teens ongoing—Bernstein paper only published study
  • Incorporation of technology in screener is key, but technology changes quickly
  • Screening for prescription drug abuse calls for different approach—no one has studied yet
  • American Academy of Pediatrics will be releasing a policy statement on SBI using CRAFFT and brief advice at the end of summer
  • NIAAA will be releasing their adolescent screen at the end of the summer—not based on CRAFFT

Future Directions

  • Research
    • SValidation of CRAFFT prescreen
    • SBI for prescription drug abuse
    • Long-term trajectories for kids who screen positive on existing screens—for USPSTF
  • NIDA adolescent screen???