November 1, 2010
Drs. Zabransky (left) and Bém at a reception at the mayor's residence.  Drs. Zabransky (left) and Bém at a reception at the mayor’s residence.

Two former Hubert H. Humphrey Fellows, Pavel Bém, M.D., and Tomas Zabransky, M.D., Ph.D., were organizers of a meeting on urban drug policy in Prague that led to the adoption of the Prague Declaration, a set of seven principles of effective drug policies and a call for greater participation of urban leaders in forming drug policies.

Dr. Bém, mayor of Prague, and Dr. Zabransky, Center for Addictology, Charles University, Prague, brought together policymakers, public health administrators, and researchers for the conference, Urban Drug Policies in the Globalised World, where they discussed recent developments in the field of urban drug policy and related interventions and encouraged participants to sign the declaration.