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American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (Recovery Act)

Recovery Act Limited Competition: Biomedical Research, Development, and Growth to Spur the Acceleration of New Technologies (BRDG-SPAN) Pilot Program (RC3)
National Institute on Drug Abuse Participating

This Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA), supported by funds provided to the NIH under the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009 solicits grant applications for a new initiative called Biomedical Research, Development, and Growth to Spur the Acceleration of New Technologies (BRDG-SPAN) Pilot Program (RC3). The purpose of this pilot program is to address the funding gap between promising research and development (R&D) and transitioning to the market by contributing to the critical funding needed by applicants to pursue the next appropriate milestone(s) toward ultimate commercialization; i.e., to carry out later stage research activities necessary to that end.

This initiative is one of several being offered by IC to help fulfill the goals of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) to help stimulate the economy through support of biomedical and behavioral research. Additional information the Recovery Act and related NIH opportunities is available through the Office of Extramural Research

General Information:

The BRDG-SPAN pilot program encourages projects representing, for example, the following:

  • a novel, first in class therapy;
  • a material improvement over existing technologies;
  • a potential substantial reduction in cost over existing technologies/products;
  • U.S. alternative to foreign suppliers;
  • a product for unmet, under-addressed medical needs (e.g., technologies to produce solid medication dosage forms for children, and therapeutic devices appropriate for children in terms of size and functionality)
  • a significant and demonstrable potential U.S. and/or global markets;

Funding Information: NIH intends to commit at least $35 million in response to this FOA. It is anticipated that at least 10 awards will be made in fiscal year 2010

Budget: The requested budget is limited to $1 million total costs per year for a maximum of three years.

Eligibility: A U.S.-owned, for-profit enterprise/commercial organization doing a majority of its business in the United States may apply for RC3 funding.

Other Information:

  • More than one PD/PI (i.e., multiple PDs/PIs) may be designated on the application
  • This is a one-time-only solicitation, resubmissions are not permitted.
  • The RC3 application Research Plan component of the PHS398 is limited to a total of 13 pages, including 1 page for the Specific Aims and 12 pages for Research Design and Methods. This page limit includes tables, graphs, figures, diagrams, and charts.

Key Dates:

Letters of Intent Due Date: August 3, 2009
Application Due Date(s): September 1, 2009
Earliest Anticipated Start Date(s): April 2010
Expiration Date: September 2, 2009

Timeline for Review:

Applications will be reviewed by November/December 2009.

Contact Information:

Program Contact:
Dr. Cathrine Sasek
Phone: 301-443-6071

Grants Management Contact:
Ms. Diana Haikalis
Grants Management Specialist
Phone: 301-443-6710

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