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Cost-Benefit/Cost-Effectiveness Research of Drug Abuse Prevention: Implications for Programming and Policy

NIDA Research Monograph, Number 176 [Printed in 1998]

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Table of Contents

William J. Bukoski

The Impact of Substance Abuse on Federal Spending-----5
Jeffrey Merrill and Kimberley Fox

A Historical Perspective on Effective Prevention-----37
Richard I. Evans

School-Based Approaches to Drug Abuse Prevention: Evidence for Effectiveness and Suggestions for Determining Cost-Effectiveness-----59
Gilbert J. Botvin, Elizabeth M. Botvin, and Hirsch Ruchlin

Effectiveness of Prevention Interventions With Youth at High Risk of Drug Abuse-----83
Richard F. Catalano, Kevin P. Haggerty, Randy R. Gainey, Marilyn J. Hoppe, and Devon D. Brewer

Costs, Benefits, and Cost-Effectiveness of Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention-----111
Mary Ann Pentz

Overview of Methods: Cost-Effectiveness, Cost-Benefits, and Cost-Offsets of Prevention-----130
Albert Woodward

Analytic Issues for Estimating the Benefits and Costs of Substance Abuse Prevention-----141
Gary A. Zarkin and Robert L. Hubbard

Benefits and Costs of a Family-Focused Methadone Treatment and Drug Abuse Prevention Program: Preliminary Findings-----161
Robert D. Plotnick, Diane S. Young, Richard F. Catalano, and Kevin P. Haggerty

Issues and Methods in Evaluating Costs, Benefits, and Cost-Effectiveness of Drug Abuse Prevention Programs for High-Risk Youth-----184
Marsha Lillie-Blanton, Lisa Werthamer, Pinka Chatterji, Claire Fienson, and Christine Caffray

Implications for Prevention Policy: A Commentary-----214
Robert L. DuPont

Ordering Information-----222

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