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Pharmacokinetics, Metabolism, and Pharmaceutics of Drugs of Abuse

NIDA Research Monograph, Number 173 [Printed in 1997]

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Table of Contents

Rao S. Rapaka, Nora Chiang, and Billy R. Martin

The Potential Role of the Cytochrome P-450 2D6 Pharmacogenetic Polymorphism in Drug Abuse-----6
Edward M. Sellers, S. Victoria Otton, and Rachel F. Tyndale

Human Liver Cocaine Carboxylesterases-----27
William F. Bosron, Robert A. Dean, Monica R. Brzezinski, and Evgenia V. Pindel

Effects of Ethanol on Cocaine Metabolism and Disposition in the Rat-----35
Robert A. Dean, William F. Bosron, Frederick M. Zachman, Jing Zhang, and Monica R. Brzezinski

Individual Differences in Nicotine Kinetics and Metabolism in Humans-----48
Neal L. Benowitz and Peyton Jacob III

Inhibitors of Anandamide Breakdown-----65
Dale G. Deutsch and Alexandros Makriyannis

Metabolic Bioactivation Reactions Potentially Related to Drug Toxicities-----85
Neal Castagnoli, Jr. and Kay P. Castagnoli

The Role of Iminium-Enamine Species in the Toxication and Detoxication of Cyclic Tertiary Amines-----106
Lawrence M. Sayre, David A. Engelhart, Durgesh V. Nadkarni, M.K. Manoj Babu, Ann Marie Flammang, and G. David McCoy

Neurotoxicity of Amphetamines and Their Metabolites-----128
James W. Gibb, Michel Johnson, Ikram Elayan, Heng Keang Lim, Lisa Matsuda, and Glen R. Hanson

Potential New Insights Into the Molecular Mechanisms of Methamphetamine-Induced Neurodegeneration-----146
Monika Z. Wrona, Zhaoliang Yang, Fa Zhang, and Glenn Dryhurst

Immunotoxicology of Opioids, Inhalants, and Other Drugs of Abuse-----175
Robert V. House, Peter T. Thomas, and Hemendra N. Bhargava

Inhalation Studies With Drugs of Abuse-----201
Yun Meng, Aron H. Lichtman, D. Troy Bridgen, and Billy R. Martin

Biocatalysts in Detoxication of Drugs of Abuse-----225
John R. Cashman

Antibodies as Pharmacokinetic and Metabolic Modifiers of Neurotoxicity-----259
S. Michael Owens

Toxicokinetics in the National Toxicology Program-----273
Thomas J. Goehl

Ordering Information-----305

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