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Treatment of Drug-Dependent Individuals With Comorbid Mental Disorders

NIDA Research Monograph, Number 172 [Printed in 1997]

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Table of Contents

Lisa Simon Onken, Jack D. Blaine, Sander Genser, and Arthur MacNeill Horton, Jr.

The Influence of Comorbid Major Depression and Substance Use Disorders on Alcohol and Drug Treatment: Results of a National Survey-----4
Bridget F. Grant

Challenges in Assessing Substance Use Patterns in Persons With Comorbid Mental and Addictive Disorders-----16
Kate B. Carey

Anxiety Disorders, Comorbid Substance Abuse, and Benzodiazepine Discontinuation: Implications for Treatment-----33
David H. Barlow

Cigarette Smoking and Its Comorbidity-----52
Alexander H. Glassman

Treatment of Depression in Drug-Dependent Patients: Effects on Mood and Drug Use-----61
Edward V. Nunes and Frederic M. Quitkin

The Course and Treatment of Substance Use Disorder in Persons With Severe Mental Illness-----86
Kim T. Mueser, Robert E. Drake, and Keith M. Miles

Substance Use and HIV Risk Among People With Severe Mental Illness-----110
Francine Cournos and Karen McKinnon

Depression, Substance Use, and Sexual Orientation as Cofactors in HIV-1 Infected Men: Cross-Cultural Comparisons-----130
Paul Satz, Hector F. Myers, Mario Maj, Fawzy Fawzy, David L. Forney, Eric G. Bing, Mark A. Richardson, and Robert Janssen

Psychiatric Symptoms, Risky Behavior, and HIV Infection-----156
George E. Woody, David Metzger, Helen Navaline, Thomas McLellan, and Charles P. O'Brien

Ordering Information-----171

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