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Rural Substance Abuse: State of Knowledge and Issues

NIDA Research Monograph, Number 168 [Printed in 1997]

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Table of Contents

Introduction-Substance Abuse in Rural America-----1
Zili Sloboda, Eric Rosenquist, and Jan Howard

The Social Context of Substance Abuse: A Developmental Perspective -----6
Rand D. Conger

The Special Nature of Rural America-----37
Rand D. Conger

Drug and Alcohol Use Among Youth in Rural Communities-----53
Ruth W. Edwards

Traffic and Illegal Production of Drugs in Rural America-----79
Patrick J. O'Dea, Barbara Murphy, and Cecilia Balzer

Risk and Protective Factors for Drug Use Among Rural American Youth-----90
E.R. Oetting, R.W. Edwards, K. Kelly, and F. Beauvais

Gayle M. Boyd

Health Consequences of Alcohol Use in Rural America -----137
Gene H. Brody, Eileen Neubaum, Gayle M. Boyd, and Mary Dufour

Health Consequences of Rural Illicit Drug Use: Questions Without Answers-----175
Dennis G. Fisher, Henry H. Cagle, Dawn C. Davis, Andrea M. Fenaughty, Theresa Kuhrt-Hunstiger, and Susan R. Fison

Social and Economic Consequences of Rural Alcohol Use-----196
Kelly J. Kelleher and James M. Robbins

The Economic and Social Costs of Drug Abuse Among the Rural Population-----220
Joseph F. Donnermeyer

Introduction: Interventions and Services-----246
Elizabeth B. Robertson

The Prevention of Alcohol Use by Rural Youth-----250
Carol N. D'Onofrio

A Drug Abuse Prevention Strategy for Rural America-----364
Anthony Biglan, Terry Duncan, A. Blair Irvine, Dennis Ary, Keith Smolkowski, and Lisa James

In Living Context: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Rethinking Rural Prevention-----398
Gordon Karim

Introduction to Mental Health Service Delivery in Rural Areas-----413
Elizabeth B. Robertson

Mental Health Service Delivery in Rural Areas: Organizational and Clinical Issues-----418
Morton O. Wagenfeld, J. Dennis Murray, Dennis F. Mohatt, and Jeanne C. DeBruyn, with an introduction by Elizabeth B. Robertson

Introduction: Drug Abuse Among Rural Ethnic and Migrant Populations-----438
Lula A. Beatty

Alcohol and Drug Abuse by Migrant Farmworkers: Past Research and Future Priorities-----443
James M. Watson

Culturally Competent Substance Abuse Prevention Research Among Rural American Indian Communities-----459
Jerry Stubben

Substance Abuse in Rural African-American Populations-----484
Marvin P. Dawkins and Mary M. Williams

Drug and Alcohol Use Among Rural Mexican Americans-----498
Felipe G. Castro and Sara Gutierres

Ordering Information-----534

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