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Behavioral Studies of Drug-Exposed Offspring: Methodological Issues in Human and Animal Research

NIDA Research Monograph, Number 164 [Printed in 1996]

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Table of Contents

Cora Lee Wetherington, Vincent L. Smeriglio,
and Loretta P. Finnegan

Long-Term Effects of Developmental Exposure to Cocaine on Learned and Unlearned Behaviors-----3
Charles V. Vorhees

The Effects of Prenatal Cocaine Exposure on Subsequent Learning in the Rat-----53
Edward P. Riley and Michael H. LaFiette

Prenatal Exposure to Drugs of Abuse: Methodological Considerations and Effects on Sexual Differentiation-----78
Robert F. McGivern and Robert J. Handa

Assessment of the Effects of Developmental Toxicants: Pharmacological and Stress Vulnerability of Offspring-----125
Linda Patia Spear

Comparability of Human and Animal Studies of Developmental Cocaine Exposure-----146
Diana Dow-Edwards

Studies of Cocaine-Exposed Human Infants-----175
Barry M. Lester, Lyn LaGasse, Kiti Freier, and Susan Brunner

Exposure to Cocaine: Behavioral Outcomes in Preschool and School-Age Children-----211
Linda C. Mayes

Exposure to Opiates: Behavioral Outcomes in Preschool and School-Age Children-----230
Karol A. Kaltenbach

Behavioral Outcomes in Preschool and School-Age Children Exposed Prenatally to Marijuana: A Review and Speculative Interpretation-----242
Peter A. Fried

Prenatal Drug Exposure: Behavioral Functioning in Late Childhood and Adolescence-----261
Sydney L. Hans

Drug Effects: A Search for Outcomes-----277
Barry Zuckerman

The Monograph Series List-----288

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