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Molecular Approches to Drug Abuse Research Volume III, Recent Advances and Emerging Strategies

NIDA Research Monograph, Number 161 [Printed in 1995]

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Table of Contents

Introduction: Molecular Approches to Drug Abuse Research Volume III-----1
Theresa N.H. Lee

Immunological Approaches to Nicotine Receptors -----3
James W. Patrick, Shawn Neff, Kelly Dineley,
and David Char

The Dopamine D4 Receptor-----20
Hubert H.M. Van Tol

Behavioral Characterization of Mice Packing the 5-HT1B Receptor-----39
Sylvie Ramboz, Frédéric Saudou, Djamel Aït Amara, Catherine Belzung,
Andrée Dierich, Marianne LeMeur, Louis Segu, René Misslin,
Marie-Christine Buhot, and René Hen

Mechanisms Regulating Proenkephalin Gene Expression: Contributions of Transgenic Models-----59
Steven E. Hyman and David Borsook

Human Opioid Receptors: Chromosomal Mapping and mRNA Localization-----72
Karen Miotto, Daniel Kaufman, Benito Anton,
Duane E. Keith, Jr., and Chris J. Evans

Molecular Biology of Opioid Receptors-----83
Karen Raynor, Haeyoung Kong, Susan Law,
Jennifer Heerding, Melanie Tallent, Fredrick Livingston,
John Hines, and Terry Reisine

Mu Opioid Receptors: Cellular Action and Tolerance Development-----104
Anton Mestek, Yan Chen, and Lei Yu

Cloning and Characterization of Multiple Opioid Receptors-----127
Huda Akil, Fan Meng, Alfred Mansour, Robert Thompson,
Guo-Xi Xie, and Stanley Watson

Regulation of Acute and Chronic Opioid Receptor Functions by OBCAM, a Cell Adhesion-Like Molecule-----141
Horace H. Loh and Andrew P. Smith

Discrete Structural Domains and Cell-Specific Expression Determine Functional Selectivity of the Dopamine and Norepinephrine Transporters-----154
Kari J. Buck, Dominique Lorang, and Susan G. Amara

Drug Interactions with Vesicular Amine Transport-----176
Doris Peter, Juan Jimenez, Yongjian Liu, Andrew Merickel, David Krantz, and Robert H. Edwards

Strategies for Identifying Genes Underlying Drug Abuse Susceptibility-----201
John C. Crabbe, Kari J. Buck, Pamela Metten, and John K. Belknap

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