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Drugs of Abuse: Chemistry, Pharmacology, Immunology, and AIDS

NIDA Research Monograph, Number 96 [Printed in 1990]

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This monograph is not available by chapter. The Table of Contents (below) is shown to assist in locating information prior to downloading the monograph.

Download Monograph96.pdf - Drugs of Abuse: Chemistry, Pharmacology, Immunology, and AIDS (2.4 MB)

Table of Contents

Phuong Thi Kim Pham

The Bivalent Ligand Approach in the Design of Highly Selective Opioid Receptor Antagonists-----3
Philip S. Portoghese

Opium Alkaloids and Affinity Labels-----21
Sydney Archer, Jean Bidlack, and G. Keith Mulholland

Novel Thebainelike Morphinandienes and Their Diels-Alder Adducts-----35
Leendert Maat

Opioid Antagonists: Structure Activity Relationships-----50
Dennis M. Zimmerman and J. David Leander

Effect of Fluorine Substitution on the Anti-HIV Activity of Dideoxynucleosides-----61
Victor E. Marquez

Opiate Antagonists and Anti-HIV Agents-----80
Elliot F. Hahn

Classical and Nonclassical Cannabinoids: Mechanism of Action-Brain Binding-----100
Allyn C. Hewlett, M. Ross Johnson, and Lawrence S. Melvin

Cocaine Receptor-Design of Ligands-----112
F.I. Carroll, Abraham Philip, and Anita H. Lewin

Structural and Functional Similarities of Opiate Receptors of Neural and Immune Origin-----122
Daniel J.J. Carr and J. Edwin Blalock

Immunomodulatory Effects of Chronic Morphine Treatment: Pharmacologic and Mechanistic Studies-----131
Henry U. Bryant, Edward W. Bernton, and John W. Holaday

Morphine-Induced Immune Modulation: Does It Predispose to HIV Infection?-----150
Prince Kumar Arora

A Murine Retrovitus Model for Studies of the Role of Cofactors and Ethanol in AIDS Development-----166
Ronald R. Watson

Drug Abuse and AIDS: Causes for the Connection-----181
Robert M. Donahoe

Immune Function in Heroin Addicts and Former Heroin Addicts in Treatment: Pre- and Post-AIDS Epidemic-----192
Mary Jeanne Kreek

Opioid Peptides, Receptors, and Immune Function-----220
Hemendra N. Bhargava

Summary of Recommendations for Future Research-----234
Louis Harris

List of NIDA Research Monographs-----237

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