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Cocaine Use in America: Epidemiologic and Clinical Perspectives

NIDA Research Monograph, Number 61 [Printed in 1985]

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This monograph is not available by chapter. The Table of Contents (below) is shown to assist in locating information prior to downloading the monograph.

Download Monograph61.pdf - Cocaine Use in America: Epidemiologic and Clinical Perspectives (1.4 MB)

Table of Contents

Charles R. Schuster

Cocaine Use in America: Introduction and Overview-----1
Edgar H. Adams and Nicholas J. Kozel

Cocaine Use in the United States: In a Blizzard or Just Being Snowed?-----8
Richard R. Clayton

A Decade of Trends in Cocaine Use in the Household Population-----35
Herbert I. Abelson and Judith Droitcour Miller

Cocaine Use Among American Adolescents and Young Adults-----50
Patrick M. O'Malley, Lloyd D. Johnston and Jerald G. Bachman

Cocaine Use in Young Adulthood: Patterns of Use and Psychosocial Correlates-----76
Denise B. Kandel, Debra Murphy and Daniel Karus

Patterns and Consequences of Cocaine Use-----111
Dale D. Chitwood

Cocaine Abuse: Neurochemistry, Phenomenology, and Treatment-----130
Mark S. Gold, Arnold M. Washton and Charles A. Oackis

Reinforcement and Rapid Delivery Systems: Understanding Adverse Consequences of Cocaine-----151
Sidney Cohen

Characteristics of Humans Volunteering for a Cocaine Research Project-----158
C. R. Schuster and M. W. Fischman

Characteristics of Cocaine Abusers Presenting for Treatment-----171
Sidney H. Schnoll, Judy Karrigan, Sarah B. Kitchen, Amin Daghestani, and Thomas Hansen

Cocaine Use in a Treatment Population: Patterns and Diagnostic Distinctions-----182
Frank H. Gawin and Herbert D. Kleber

Cocaine: Treatment Perspectives-----193
Donald R. Wesson and David E. Smith

New Patterns of Cocaine Use: Changing Doses and Routes-----204
Ronald K. Siegel

Cocaine Use in America: Summary of Discussions and Recommendations-----223
Nicholas J. Kozel and Edgar H. Adams

List of NIDA Research Monographs-----229

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