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Progress in the Development of Cost-Effective Treatment for Drug Abusers

NIDA Research Monograph, Number 58 [Printed in 1985]

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This monograph is not available by chapter. The Table of Contents (below) is shown to assist in locating information prior to downloading the monograph.

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Table of Contents

Executive Summary-----vii

Issues in the Brief Treatment of Drug Abusers-----1
Rebecca Sager Ashery

Psychotherapy for Opiate Dependence-----9
George E. Woody, Lester Luboreky, A. Thomas McLellan, and Charles P. O'Brien

Behavior Therapy in Drug Abuse Treatment: Review and Evaluation-----31
Maxine L. Stitzer, George E. Bigelow, and Mary E. McCaul

One-Person Family Therapy: A Modality of Brief Strategic Family Therapy-----51
Franklin H. Foote, Jose Szapocanik, William M. Kurtinee, Angel Perez-Vidal, and Olga K. Hervis

Personalized Nursing: An Effective Intervention Model for Use with Drug-Dependent Women in an Emergency Room-----67
Marcia D. Andersen

Brief Effective Treatment Strategies: Pharmacological Therapy for Opiate Addicts-----83
Herbert D. Kleber

Medical Maintenance Feasibility Study-----101
Don C. Des Jarlais, Herman Joseph, Vincent P. Dole, and Marie E. Nyswander

The Role of Employment in the Rehabilitation of Heroin Addicts-----111
Jerome J. Platt and David Metager

Who Is Serving Drug Abuse Clients: Treatment Delivery by Professionals Versus Paraprofessionals, by Paid Staff Versus Volunteers-----123
Leona S. Aiken, Leonard Losciuto, and Mary Ausetts

The Harvard Group Aftercare Program: Preliminary Evaluation Results and Implementation Issues-----147
William E. McAuliffe, James M.N. Ch'ien, Elaine Launer, Rob Friedman, and Barry Feldman

Project Skills: Preliminary Results from a Theoretically Based Aftercare Experiment-----157
Richard F. Catalano and J. David Hawkins

List of NIDA Research Monographs-----182

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