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Quantitative Structure Activity Relationships of Analgesics, Narcotic Antagonists, and Hallucinogens

NIDA Research Monograph, Number 22 [Printed in 1978]

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This monograph is not available by chapter. The Table of Contents (below) is shown to assist in locating information prior to downloading the monograph.

Download Monograph22.pdf - Quantitative Structure Activity Relationships of Analgesics, Narcotic Antagonists, and Hallucinogens (5.6 MB)

William Pollin

The Editors


Absolute Configuration and Psychotomimetic Activity-----8
George M. Anderson III, Gisela Braun, Ulrich Braun, David E. Nichols, and Alexander Shulgin

Congeners of DOM: Effect of Distribution. on the Evaluation of Pharmacologic Data-----16
C.F. Barfknecht, J.F. Caputo, M.B. Tobin, D.C. Dyer, R.T. Standridge, H.G. Howell, W.R. Goodwin, R.A. Partyka, J.A. Gylys, R.L. Cavanagh

Mescaline Analogs: Substitutions at the 4-Position-----27
Ulrich Braun, Gisela Braun, Peyton Jacob III, David E. Nichols, and Alexander T. Shulgin

Defining the Histamine H2-Receptor in Brain: The Interaction with LSD-----38
Jack Peter Green, Harel Weinstein, and Saul Maayani

The Nature of Opioid and LSD Receptors: Structural Activity Relationship Implications-----60
William R. Martin

The Use of Rigid Analogues to Probe Hallucinogen Receptors-----70
David E. Nichols, Herschel J.R. Weintraub, William R. Pfister, and George K.W. Yim


QSAR: A Critical Appraisal-----86
Sydney Archer

QSAR of Agents Involved in Serotonin and LSD Binding Sites-----103
Y.L. Chan, E.J. Lien, and J.C. Shih

Structure Activity Studies by Means of the SIMCA Pattern Recognition Methodology-----114
J. Dunn and Svante Wold

Quantitative Relationship Between Antinociceptive and Opiate Receptor Affinity: The Importance of Lipophilicity-----129
Arthur E. Jacobson

Quantitative Stereo-Structure-Activity Relationships I. Opiate Receptor Binding-----146
Howard Johnson

Progress With Several Models for the Study of the SAR of Hallucinogenic Agents-----159
Lemont B. Kier and Richard A. Glennon

QSAR of Narcotic Analgetic Agents-----186
E.J. Lien, G.L. Tong, D.B. Srulevitch, and C. Dias


Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationships in the 2,4,5- Ring Substituted Phenylisopropylamines-----199
George M. Anderson III, Neal Castagnoli, Jr., and Peter A. Kollman

Assessment of Quantun Mechanical Techniques for Use in Structure Activity Relationship Development, and Application to Analgesics and Other Drugs-----218
B. Vernon Cheney, D. J. Duchamp, Ralph E. Christoffersen

Recent Physicochemical and Quantum Chemical Studies on Drugs of Abuse and Relevant Biomolecules-----250
Joyce J. Kaufman

Structure-Activity Studies of Narcotic Agonists and Antagonists from Quantum Chemical Calculations-----278
Gilda H. Loew, Donald S. Berkowitz, and Stanley K. Burt

An Extended Isolated Molecule Method and Its Applications to the Design of New Drugs: General Aspects-----317
Alfredo M. Simas, Roy E. Bruns, and Richard E. Brown

Recognition and Activation Mechanisms on the LSD/Serotonin Receptor: The Molecular Basis of Structure Activity Relationships-----333
Harel Weinstein, Jack Peter Green, Roman Osman, and W. Daniel Edwards

Conformational Energies and Geometries of Narcotics, Using a Potential Function Method-----359
Mark Froimowitz

Conformational Study of Lysergic Acid Derivatives in Relation to their Hallucinogenic and Antiserotonin Activities-----374
Mahadevappa Kumbar


Carbon-13 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Study of the a- and -Isomers of Methadol and Acetylmethadol Hydrochlorides-----410
F. Ivy Carroll, Charles G. Moreland, George A. Brine, and Karl G. Boldt

Photoelectron Spectroscopic Studies of Hallucinogens: The Use of Ionization Potentials in QSAR-----423
L.N. Domelsmith and K.N. Houk

An Assessment of Parameters in QuaSAR Studies of Narcotic Analgesics and Antagonists-----441
Robert Katz, Steven Osborne, Florin Ionescu, Peter Andrulis, Jr., Robert Bates, William Beavers, Paul C.C. Chou, Gilda Loew, and Donald Berkowitz

Conformational Studies on Phenethylamine Hallucinogens The Role of Alpha Alkyl Substitution-----464
Alexandros Makriyannis and James Knittel

APPENDIX A. QuaSAR Program-----479

APPENDIX B. List of Participants-----482

Research Monograph List-----485

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