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Self-Administration of Abused Substances: Methods for Study

NIDA Research Monograph, Number 20 [Printed in 1978]

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This monograph is not available by chapter. The Table of Contents (below) is shown to assist in locating information prior to downloading the monograph.

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Table of Contents

William Pollin

Technical Review Participants-----vi

Chapter 1 Introduction and Implications-----1
Norman A. Krasnegor

Chapter 2 Drug Seeking: A Behavioral Analysis in Animals and Humans-----4
Marian W. Fischman and Charles R. Schuster

Chapter 3 Experimental Drug Self-Administration: Generality Across Species and Type of Drug-----24
Roland R. Griffiths, George R. Bigelow, and Ira Liebson

Chapter 4 Therapeutic Self-Medication as a Context for Drug Abuse Research-----44
George E. Bigelow, Ira Liebson, Julia Kaliszak, and Roland R. Griffiths

Chapter 5 Drug Abuse Research in Outpatient Clinics-----59
Maxine Stitzer and George E. Bigelow

Chapter 6 Drug Self-Administration in Humans-----68
Chris E. Johanson and Eberhard H. Uhlenhuth

Chapter 7 Experimental Studies of Sedative Self-Administration by Humans-----86
Roy W. Pickens and Leonard L. Heston

Chapter 8 Marihuana, Alcohol, and Polydrug Use: Human Self-Administration Studies-----93
Nancy K. Mello and Jack H. Mendelson

Chapter 9 Heroin Self-Administration: An Operant Analysis-----128
Jack H. Mendelson and Nancy K. Mello

Chapter 10 Studying Social Reactions to Drug Self-Administration-----149
Thomas F. Babor

Chapter 11 Defective Long-Term Caloric Regulation in Obesity-----182
Marshal F. Folstein and Paul R. McHugh

Chapter 12 Methods and Findings in Study of Food Regulation in Obesity-----189
Susan C. Wooley and Orland W. Wooley

Chapter 13 Tobacco Smoking and Nicotine Tolerance-----202
Reese T. Jones, Thomas R. Farrell III, Ronald I. Herning

Chapter 14 Tobacco and Nicotine Self-Administration in Humans: The Evolution of a Methodology-----209
Jerome H. Jaffe and Maureen B. Kanzler

Chapter 15 Patterns of Puffing in Cigarette Smokers-----221
Ellen R. Gritz

Chapter 16 Self-Administration of Cigarettes With Varying Tobacco and Nicotine Content-----236
Murray E. Jarvik

List of Monographs-----244

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