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The International Challenge of Drug Abuse

NIDA Research Monograph, Number 19 [Printed in 1978]

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This monograph is not available by chapter. The Table of Contents (below) is shown to assist in locating information prior to downloading the monograph.

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Table of Contents

    Robert L. DuPont, M.D.


    I. The International Challenge of Drug Abuse
    Robert L. DuPont and George M. Ling, Chairmen

  1. International Challenge of Drug Abuse: A Perspective From the United States-----3
    Robert L. DuPont

  2. The Drug Abuse Scene in Nigeria-----15
    Tolani Asuni

  3. The International Challenge of Drug Abuse: The Mexican Experience-----26
    Guido Belsasso

  4. WHO's Programme in Drug Dependence, With Special Emphasis on Developing Countries-----41
    Inayat Khan, Awni E. Arif, Patrick H. Hughes, and Brian Cox

  5. Drug Abuse in the Socialist Republic of the Union of Burma-----51
    U Khant and Ne Win

  6. International Challenge of Drug Abuse: A Perspective From the United Nations-----60
    George M. Ling and J. Gomez de1 Prado

  7. General View of Drug Abuse in Iran and a One-Year Report of Outpatient Treatment of Opiate Addiction in the City of Shiraz-----69
    M. R. Moharreri

  8. Coca and Cocaine: A Perspective from Bolivia-----82
    Nils D. Noya

  9. Drug Abuse in Indonesia-----91
    R. Kusumanto Setyonegoro

    II. Biological Aspects of Drug Dependence
    Jack H. Mendelson, Chairman

  10. Bio-Socio Approach in Drug Abuse Treatment and Prevention-----112
    James M. N. Ch'ien

  11. Behavioral Pharmacology of Narcotic Antagonists-----126
    Nancy K. Mello

  12. Plasma Testosterone Levels During Chronic Heroin Use and Protracted Abstinence: A Study of Hong Kong Addicts-----142
    Jack H. Mendelson and Nancy K. Mello

  13. Biological Aspects of Cannabis Use-----149
    Costas Stefanis

  14. Drug Dependence Studies in Laboratory Animals-----179
    Tomoji Yanagita

    III. Psychobiology of Drug Abuse and Affect Disorders
    Richard C. Stillman, Chairman

  15. Endorphins, Lithium, and Naloxone: Their Relationship to Pathological and Drug-Induced Manic-Euphoric States-----192
    Mark S. Gold and Robert Byck

  16. Drug and Mood State-Specific Encoding and Retrieval of Experience-----210
    Herbert Weingartner, Dennis Murphy, and Richard C. Stillman

    IV. Treatment

  17. Multimodality Treatment of Narcotic Addiction: An Overview-----226
    George E. Woody, Charles P. O'Brien, and Robert Greenstein

    Treatment: LAAM Walter Ling, Chairman

  18. Levo-Alpha-Acetylmethadol: New Drug for Old Habits-----242
    Walter Ling

  19. Early Clinical Studies of Levo-Alpha Acetylmethadol (LAAM): An Opiate Agonist for Use in the Medical Treatment of Chronic Heroin Dependence-----249
    Jack D. Blaine

  20. A U.S. Veterans Administration Cooperative Study on Methadyl Acetate-----260
    V. Charles Charuvastra

  21. The SOADAP Cooperative Studies of LAAM: Unblinded Comparison with Methadone-----271
    C. James Klett

  22. Phase III Clinical Study of LAAM: Report of Current Status and Analysis of Early Terminations-----277
    John A. Whysner and Gail L. Levine

  23. The Future of LAAM-----291
    Pierre F. Renault

    Treatment: Naltrexone
    Demetrios A. Julius, Chairman

  24. A History of the Development of Narcotic Antagonists for the Treatment of Narcotic Addiction-----296
    William R. Martin

  25. Historical Trends in Naltrexone Research-----301
    Demetrios A. Julius

  26. Naltrexone: The Clinical Investigator's Dilemma-----308
    Walter Ling

  27. Update on Naltrexone Treatment-----315
    Charles P. O'Brien, Robert Greenstein, and George E. Woody

  28. Naltrexone in the Treatment of Opiate Dependence-----321
    Richard B. Resnick, Arnold M. Washton, Muriel A. Thomas, and Richard S. Kestenbaum

  29. The Development of Sustained Action Preparations of Narcotic Antagonists-----333
    Robert E. Willette

  30. The Future of Naltrexone-----340
    Pierre F. Renault

    List of Monographs-----346

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