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Research on Smoking Behavior

NIDA Research Monograph, Number 17 [Printed in 1979]

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This monograph is not available by chapter. The Table of Contents (below) is shown to assist in locating information prior to downloading the monograph.

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Table of Contents

William Pollin

Norman A. Krasnegor


Murray E. Jarvik

Smoking Problems: An Overview-----13
Michael A.H. Russell

Patterns of Smoking Behavior-----36
Leonard M. Schuman

Interrelationship of Smoking to Other Variables and Preventive Approaches-----67
Ernst L. Wynder

Smoking Behavioral Factors as Predictors of Risk-----98
Thomas M. Vogt

Discussant for Section on Epidemiology-----112
Bernard H. Fox

Epidemiology: Session Overview-----119
Joseph W. Cullen

Biological Factors Underlying the Smoking Habit-----122
Murray E. Jarvik

Psychological Factors in Smoking-----149
Dorothy E. Green

An Opponent Process Theory of Habitual Behavior with Special Reference to Smoking-----157
Joseph W. Ternes

Sociocultural Factors in the Etiology of Smoking Behavior: An Assessment-----186
Leo G. Reeder

Tobacco Use as a Mental Disorder: The Rediscovery of a Medical Problem-----202
Jerome H. Jaffe

Etiology: Session Overview-----218
Murray E. Jarvik

The Economic Costs of Smoking Induced Illness-----221
Bryan R. Luce

Smoking and Disease-----230
Julien Van Lancker

Discussant for Section on Consequences-----284
Kenneth I. Shine

Consequences: Session Overview-----287
Thomas M. Vogt

Smoking: The Prevention of Onset-----290
Ellen R. Gritz

Smoking Cures: Ways to Kick an Unhealthy Habit-----308
Jerome L. Schwartz

The Time Has Come: Cigarette Advertising Must Be Banned-----339
Emerson Foote

Social Learning-----348
Edward Lichtenatein

The Long-Term Maintenance of Nonsmoking Behavior-----355
Phoebus N. Tongas

Hypnosis in the Treatment of the Smoking Habit-----364
Louis Jolyon West

Discussant for Section on Behavioral Change-----373
Robert P. Liberman

Behavioral Change: Session Overview-----379
Ellen R. Gritz

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