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Social Networks, Drug Abuse, and HIV Transmission

NIDA Research Monograph, Number 151 [Printed in 1995]

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This monograph is not available by chapter. The Table of Contents (below) is shown to assist in locating information prior to downloading the monograph.

Download Monograph151.pdf - Integrating Behavioral Therapies With Medications in the Treatment of Drug Dependence (832 KB)

Table of Contents

Introduction: The Social Network Research Paradigm-----1
Richard H. Needle, Susan L. Coyle, Sander G. Genser, and Robert T. Trotter ZZ

Social Networks in Disease Transmission: The Colorado Springs Study-----3
Richard B. Rothenberg, Donald E. Woodhouse, John J. Potterat, Stephen Q. Muth, William W. Darrow, and Alden S. Klovdahl

Using Dyadic Data for a Network Analysis of HIV Infection and Risk Behaviors Among Injecting Drug Users-----20
Alan Neaigus, Samuel R. Friedman, Marjorie Goldstein, Gilbert Zldefonso, Richard Curtis, and Benny Jose

Injecting Drug Use, Characteristics of Significant Others, and HIV Risk Behaviors-----38
Rumi K. Price, Linda B. Cottler, Doug Mager, and Keith S. Murray

Sibling Homophily in HIV Infection: Biopsychosocial Linkages in an Urban African-American Sample-----60
Ann F. Brunswick, Peter A. Messeri, Jay Dobkin, Mary T. Flood, and Arthur Yang

Focal Networks and HIV Risk Among African-American Male Intravenous Drug Users-----89
Frederick W. Frey, Elias Abrutyn, David S. Metzger, George E. Woody, Charles P. O’Brien, and Paul Trusiani

A Comparison of Drug Use Networks Across Three Cities-----109
Mark L. Williams, Zhangqing Zhuo, Harvey A. Siegal, Rafaela R. Robles, Robert T. Trotter ZZ, and Adelbert Jones

Ethical and Legal Issues in Social Network Research: The Real and the Ideal-----131
Donald. E. Woodhouse, John J. Potterat, Richard B. Rothenberg, William W. Darrow, Alden S. Klovdahl, and Stephen Q. Muth

Network Models for HIV Outreach and Prevention Programs for Drug Users-----144
Robert T. Trotter II, Anne M. Bowen, and James M. Potter, Jr.

A Personal Network Approach to AIDS Prevention: An Experimental Peer Group Intervention for Street-Injecting Drug Users: The SAFE Study-----181
Carl A. Latkin

Promising Social Network Research Results and Suggestions for a Research Agenda-----196
Samuel R. Friedman

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