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Cocaine Treatment: Research and Clinical Perspectives

NIDA Research Monograph, Number 135 [Printed in 1993]

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This monograph is not available by chapter. The Table of Contents (below) is shown to assist in locating information prior to downloading the monograph.

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Table of Contents

Treatment of Cocaine Abusers: Issues and Perspectives-----1
Frank M. Tims and Carl G. Leukefeld

Outpatient Treatment of Cocaine and Crack Addiction: A Clinical Perspective-----15
Arnold M. Washton and Nannette Stone-Washton

Comorbid Psychiatric Disorders and Cocaine Abuse-----31
Richard Schottenfeld, Kathleen Carroll, and Bruce Rounsaville

Clinical and Research Perspectives on Cocaine Abuse: The Pharmacotherapy of Cocaine Abuse-----48
Thomas R. Kosten

Medications Development at the National Institute on Drug Abuse: Focus on Cocaine-----57
David N. Johnson and Frank J. Vocci

Developing Treatments That Address Classical Conditioning-----71
Charles P. O'Brien, Anna Rose Childress, A. Thomas McLellan, and Ronald Ehrman

Neurobehaviorai Treatment for Cocaine Dependency: A Preliminary Evaluation-----92
Richard A. Rawson, Jeanne L. Obert, Michael J. McCann, and Walter Ling

Psychotherapeutic Treatment of Cocaine Abuse: Models for its Evaluation Alone and in Combination With Pharmacotherapy-----116
Kathleen M. Carroll

Behavioral Treatments of Cocaine Dependence-----133
John Grabowski, Stephen T. Higgins, and Kimberly C. Kirby

Day Hospital vs. inpatient Rehabilitation of Cocaine Abusers: An interim Report-----150
Arthur I. Alterman, Charles P. O'Brien, and Marian Droba

Cocaine Abusers in Therapeutic Community Treatment-----163
George De Leon

Community Outreach for injection Drug Users and the Need for Cocaine Treatment-----190
Clyde B. McCoy, James E. Rivers, and Dale D. Chitwood

Relapse to Cocaine Use: Conceptual issues-----203
Barbara E. Havassy, David A. Wasserman, and Sharon M. Hall

Pretreatment Natural History of Cocaine Addiction: Preliminary 1-Year Followup Results-----218
M. Elena Khalsa, M. Douglas Anglin, Alfonso Paredes, Penny Potepan, and Carolyn Potter

Combinations of Treatment Modalities and Therapeutic Outcome for Cocaine Dependence-----237
M. Elena Khalsa, Alfonso Paredes, M. Douglas Anglin, Penny Potepan, and Carolyn Potter

Treatment of Cocaine Abuse and Dependence: Directions and Recommendations-----260
Carl G. Leukefeld and Frank M. Tims

List of NIDA Research Monographs-----267

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