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Drug Abuse Among Minority Youth: Advances in Research and Methodology

NIDA Research Monograph, Number 130 [Printed in 1993]

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This monograph is not available by chapter. The Table of Contents (below) is shown to assist in locating information prior to downloading the monograph.

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Introduction and Overview-----1
Mario R. De La Rosa, Juan-Luis Recio Adrados, and Norweeta Milburn


Integrating Mainstream and Subcultural Explanations of Drug Use Among Puerto Rican Youth-----8
Orlando Rodriguez, Juan-Luis Recio Adrados, and Mario R. De La Rosa

Orthogonal Cultural Identification: Theoretical Links Between Cultural Identification and Substance Use-----32
E. R. Oetting

Acculturation: The Broader View. Theoretical Framework of the Acculturation Scales-----57
Juan-Luis Recio Adrados

Interactional Theory: Its Utility in Explaining Drug Use Behavior Among African-American and Puerto Rican Youth-----79
Judith S. Brook

Network Theory: A Model for Understanding Drug Abuse Among African-American and Hispanic Youth-----102
Marvin D. Krohn and Terence P. Thornberry

Examining Conceptual Models for Understanding Drug Use Behavior Among American Indian Youth-----129
Jeff King and Julian F. Thayer


Acculturation Strain Theory: Its Application in Explaining Drug Use Behavior Among Cuban and Other Hispanic Youth-----144
William A. Vega, Rick Zimmerman, Andres Gil, George J. Warheit, and Eleni Apospori

Validity of Self-Reports in Student-Based Studies on Minority Populations: Issues and Concerns-----167
John M. Wallace, Jr., and Jerald G. Bachman

Interviewing Minority Youth About Drug Use: Telephone vs. In-Person Surveys-----201
Leonard LoSciuto, William S. Aquilino, and Frederick C. Licari

Hispanic Dropouts and Drug Use: A Review of the Literature and Methodological Considerations-----224
Ernest L. Chavez

Getting Into the Gang: Methodological Issues in Studying Ethnic Gangs-----234
Karen A. Joe

Identifying, Gaining Access To, and Collecting Data on African-American Drug Addicts-----258
Leon E. Pettiway

Surveying and Tracking Urban Elementary School ChildrenŐs Use of Abusable Substances-----280
Patricia J. Bush, Mary Ann DŐElio, Charlotte D. Peoples, and Heather M. Schell

School and Community Politics: Issues, Concerns, and Implications When Conducting Research in African-American Communities-----298
Julius Debra and Darlene J. Conley

Substance Use Disorders Among Young Minority Refugees: Common Themes in a Clinical Sample-----308
Joe Westermeyer


Current Gaps and New Directions for Studying Drug Use and Abuse Behavior in Minority Youth-----321
Mario R. De La Rosa, Juan-Luis Recio Adrados, Nancy J. Kennedy, and Norweeta Milburn

List of NIDA Research Monographs-----341

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