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Cocaine: 1977

NIDA Research Monograph, Number 13 [Printed in 1977]

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This monograph is not available by chapter. The Table of Contents (below) is shown to assist in locating information prior to downloading the monograph.

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Robert L. DuPont, M.D.

Robert C. Petersen, Ph.D. and Richard C. Stillman, M.D., Editors

Cocaine: An Overview-----5
Robert C. Petersen, Ph.D.

Chapter I - History of Cocaine-----17
Robert C. Petersen, Ph.D.

Chapter II - Cocaine: The Plant and Its Use-----35
Eleanor Carroll, M.A.

Chapter III - Cocaine: The Material-----47
Richard Hawks, Ph.D.

Chapter IV - Behavioral Effects of Cocaine in Animals-----63
James Woods, Ph.D.

Chapter V - What are the Effects of Cocaine in Man?-----97
Robert Byck, M.D. and Craig Van Dyke, M.D.

Chapter VI - Cocaine: Recreational Use and Intoxication-----119
Ronald K. Siegel, Ph.D.

Chapter VII - Cocaine: Its Use for Central Nervous System Stimulation Including Recreational and Medical Uses-----137
Donald R. Wesson, M.D. and David E. Smith, M.D.

Chapter VIII - The Forensic Toxicology of Cocaine-----153
Bryan S. Finkle, Ph.D. and Kevin L. McCloskey, Ph.D.

Chapter IX - Cocaine in Clinical Medicine-----193
Paul G. Barash, M.D.

Chapter X - Characteristics of Clients Admitted to Treatment for Cocaine Abuse-----201
Eduardo Siguel, Ph.D.

Author Index-----211

Subject Index-----215

List of Monographs-----222

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