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Drug Abuse Treatment in Prisons and Jails

NIDA Research Monograph, Number 118 [Printed in 1991]

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This monograph is not available by chapter. The Table of Contents (below) is shown to assist in locating information prior to downloading the monograph.

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Table of Contents

The Challenge of Drug Abuse Treatment in Prisons and Jails-----1
Frank M. Tims and Carl G. Leukefeld

Correctional Drug Abuse Treatment in the United States: An Overview-----8
Douglas S. Lipton, Gregory P. Falkin, and Harry K. Wexler

Program Models-----31
Barry S. Brown

Drug Treatment Services in Jails-----38
Roger H. Peters and Robert May II

HIV-1 Infection in the Correctional Setting-----51
David Vlahov

Drug Abuse Treatment Programs in the Federal Bureau of Prisons: Initiatives for the 1990s-----62
Donald W. Murray, Jr

Amity Righturn: A Demonstration Drug Abuse Treatment Program for Inmates and Parolees-----84
David L. Wineit, Rod Mullen, Lois L. Lowe, and Elizabeth A. Missakian

Substance Abuse Services in Juvenile Justice: The Washington Experience-----99
David Brenna

Florida Department of Corrections Substance Abuse Programs-----110
Wilson C. Bell, James G. Mitchell, Jennifer Bevino, Abbas Darabi, and Richard Nimer

Comprehensive System Development in Corrections for Drug-Abusing Offenders: The Wisconsin Department of Corrections-----126
Gerald L. Vigdal and Donald W. Stadler

Oregon Prison Drug Treatment Programs-----142
Gary Field

Outcome Evaluation of a Prison Therapeutic Community for Substance Abuse Treatment-----156
Harry K. Wexler, Gregory P. Falkin, Douglas S. Lipton, and Andrew B. Rosenblum

Obstacles to the Implementation and Evaluation of Drug Treatment Programs in Correctional Settings: Reviewing the Delaware KEY Experience-----176
James A. Inciardi, Steven S. Martin, Dorothy Lockwood, Robert M. Hooper, and Bruce M. Wald

Evaluation of In-Jail Methadone Maintenance: Preliminary Results-----192
Stephen Magura, Andrew Rosenblum, and Herman Joseph

Management of the Drug-Abusing Offender-----211
John Gregrich

A Coordinated Approach for Drug-Abusing Offenders: TASC and Parole-----232
Beth Weinman

Methodological Issues: Drug Abuse Treatment in Prisons and Jails-----246
Bennett W. Fletcher and Frank M. Tims

Evaluation of the Federal Bureau of Prisons' Drug Treatment Programs-----261
Bernadette Pelissier and Dan McCarthy

Directions for Practice and Research-----279
Carl G. Leukefeld and Frank M. Tims

List of NIDA Research Monographs-----294

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