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Findings of Drug Abuse Research

NIDA Research Monograph, Number 1 [Printed in 1975]

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This monograph is not available by chapter. The Table of Contents (below) is shown to assist in locating information prior to downloading the monograph.

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Volume I

An Introduction to Drug Abuse Prevention Intervention Research: Methodological Issues-----1
Carl G. Leukefeld and Wiilliam J. Bukoski

A Framework for Drug Abuse Prevention Research-----7
William J. Bukoski

Prevention Intervention Research: Challenges and Opportunities-----29
Richard R. Clayton and Anne Cattarello

Contributions of Drug Epidemiology to the Field of Drug Abuse Prevention-----57
Lloyd D. Johnston

Methodological Issues in Drug Use Prevention Research: Theoretical Foundations-----81
Brian R. Flay and John Petraitis

Defining the Intervention and the Target Population-----110
Lewayne D. Gilchrist

Implementation Issues in Drug Abuse Prevention Research-----123
Mary Ann Pentz and Elizabeth Trebow

Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Designs in Prevention Research-----140
David L. Snow and Jacob Kraemer Tebes

Modeling of Intervention Effects-----159
Peter M. Bentler

Outcome Measurement Issues in Drug Abuse Prevention Studies-----183
James H. Dwyer and David P. MacKinnon

Assessing Effectiveness of Drug Abuse Prevention: Implementation Issues Relevant to Long-Term Effects and Replication-----195
J. David Hawkins, Robert Abbott, Richard F. Catalano, and Mary R. Gillmore

Attrition in Prevention Research-----213
Anthony Biglan, Donald Hood, Paul Brozovsky, Linda Ochs, Dennis Ary, and Carol Black

Increasing the Validity of Self-Report Data in Effectiveness Trials-----235
Susan G. Forman and Jean Ann Linney

Technology Transfer-----248
Steven P. Schinke and Mario A. Orlandi

Prevention Evaluation Research Methods: Findings and Consensus-----264
Carl G. Leukefeld and William J. Bukoski

List of NIDA Research Monographs-----272

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