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Blending Clinical Practice and Research: Forging Partnerships to Enhance Drug Addiction Treatment

Welcome Letters - Jean Somers Miller

Dear Colleague:

The tragic events of September 11th present even greater demands on our addiction field, both in terms of the diverse and increased needs of those we care for and the financial resources we have available to meet these new challenges. Now more than ever, we must cooperate and share our ideas to find ways to accomplish our goals more effectively and efficiently.

Already, we have a wide-array of science-based prevention programs that produce results. It's time to broaden this proven approach to the treatment arena, by intergrating scientific research with clinical practice, we can develop a more comprehensive, accurate approach in treating addictions.

As we face unprecedented levels of quanity and complexity in our treatment services, the Blending Clinical Practice and Research Conference provides an important opportunity to create better solutions that strengthen our work. By encouraging a relationship between clinical practice and science-based research, the field can continue our effort to provide the highest quality care and services.

For these next two-days, participants will have the opportunity to discuss complementary skills with one another that will further their expertise and abilities in addiction treatment. Reflecting on the conference theme, "Forging partnerships to enhance drug addiction treatment," this collaboration will help us better serve the various needs of each individual with a more definitive assessment and more successful outcomes. I thank you for you compassion and tireless efforts, and look forward to working with you.

Please accept my best wishes for an enriching and informative conference.


Jean Somers Miller

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