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National Conference on Drug Addiction Treatment: From Research to Practice

April 8-9, 1998, Marriott Hotel (formerly the Sheraton Washington), Washington, DC


  • Overview of Addiction Treatment Research
    Alan I. Leshner, Ph.D.
    National Institute on Drug Abuse/National Institutes of Health

  • Effectiveness/Cost-Effectiveness of Treatment
    A. Thomas McLellan, Ph.D.
    University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

  • Effects of Treatment on Crime
    James Inciardi, Ph.D.
    University of Delaware Center for Drug and Alcohol Studies

  • Health Benefits of Treatment
    Mary Jeanne Kreek, M.D., Ph.D.
    The Rockefeller University

  • Treatment as HIV Prevention
    David Metzger, Ph.D.
    University of Pennsylvania

  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies and Counseling
    Kathleen M. Carroll, Ph.D.
    Yale University

  • Behavior Therapy
    Maxine Stitzer, Ph.D.
    Johns Hopkins University

  • Family Therapy
    Jose Szapocznik, Ph.D.
    University of Miami

  • Therapeutic Communities
    George DeLeon, Ph.D.
    National Development and Research Institutes

  • Detoxification: Necessary Antecedent to Treatment
    Herbert D. Kleber, M.D.
    Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons

  • Pharmacotherapy
    Charles P. O'Brien, M.D., Ph.D.
    University of Pennsylvania

  • Combined Behavioral and Pharmacological Treatment
    Bruce Rounsaville, M.D.
    Yale University

  • Treatment of Individuals With Comorbid Mental Disorders
    Robert Drake, M.D.,Ph.D.
    Dartmouth College

  • HIV Risk Reduction
    Martin Iguchi, Ph.D.
    RAND Drug Policy Analysis Center

  • Treatment of Women
    Andrea Barthwell, M.D.
    Encounter Medical Group

  • Treatment of Children and Adolescents
    Paula Riggs, M.D.
    University of Colorado Health Science Center

  • Community Reinforcement Approach to Treatment
    Stephen Higgins, Ph.D.
    University of Vermont

  • Treatment Access and Utilization
    Thomas D'Aunno, Ph.D.
    University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration

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