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spacerNeuroscience Satellite Symposium
Saturday, November 4, 1:00 pm-5:00 pm
New Orleans Morial Convention Center, Rooms 391-392

Society for Neuroscience 2000 Meeting
artistic representation of rat leaving chamber

Between Drugs: A
Behavioral and Neural
Basis for "Gateway"?

Harriet de Wit, Ph.D.Department of Psychiatry
University of Chicago
Marilyn Carroll, Ph.D.Department of Psychiatry
University of Minnesota
Susan Schenk, Ph.D.Department of Psychology
Texas A&M University
Paul Vezina, Ph.D.Department of Psychiatry
University of Chicago
Peter Kalivas, Ph.D.Department of Physiology
Medical University of South Carolina


Sensitization refers to the progressively enhanced behavioral and neural activation seen after repeated exposure to a single dose of a drug. The issue our participants will focus on is whether prior experience with one drug enhances the behavioral or reinforcing or subjective effects of another drug. This question is important in that cross-sensitization may be linked to an individual's increased vulnerability to drugs over time. This symposium will examine the clinical features of cross-sensitization between classes of abused drugs (i.e., stimulants and opiates), and describe clinical and preclinical data on mechanisms at the cellular and molecular levels underlying this phenomenon.


1:00 pmHarriet de Wit, Ph.D.What is the evidence for sensitization in humans?
1:35 pmMarilyn Carroll, Ph.D.Factors that prime the initiation of drug self-administration
2:10 pmSusan Schenk, Ph.D.Sensitization as a mechanism underlying the progression of drug use via "gateway" drugs
2:45 pmBreak
3:00 pmPaul Vezina, Ph.D.Locomotion, nucleus accumbens dopamine and pursuit of drug in previously drug-exposed animals
3:35 pmPeter Kalivas, Ph.D.Neurobiological correlates of cross- sensitization
4:10 pmMarina Wolf, Ph.D.Sensitization and addiction: maladaptive forms of neuroplasticity?

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For additional information contact:
Nancy Pilotte, Ph.D; 301.435.1317
Minda Lynch, Ph.D.; 301.435.1322



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