April 24, 2012

Researchers now have access to free, online tools developed with National Institutes of Health support to standardize research methods. Developed as part of a collaborative effort that included experts from across the globe, the tools promote the collection of comparable data across studies and rigorous design of behavioral and social science research projects.

PhenX Toolkit

The PhenX Toolkit was designed to help integrate genetics and epidemiologic research by providing standard measures related to complex diseases, phenotypic traits, and environmental exposures. NIDA supported development of the PhenX Substance Abuse and Addiction Project (SAA), which added 43 new measures that support SAA research. The Toolkit describes each measure along with the standard protocols and requirements for data collection, such as training, personnel, equipment, or licensing fees. NIDA recently issued a Notice (NOT-DA-12-008) encouraging researchers conducting human-subject studies to use the PhenX measures. Learn more about the PhenX Toolkit.


This anthology presents the latest information about behavioral and social sciences research to address emerging challenges in public health, including substance abuse and addiction. The 20 chapters in e-Source include interactive exercises on designing research projects; selecting research methods to describe how or why something happens, or confirm the effectiveness of an intervention; and emerging research challenges.