March 31, 2006
Drug and Alcohol Dependence supplement

NIDA and the editors of Drug and Alcohol Dependence have published a peer-reviewed journal supplement, Drug Abuse and HIV/AIDS: International Research Lessons and Imperatives, to provide an international perspective on research exploring the intersections between drug abuse and HIV/AIDS. Participants at the 2006 NIDA International Forum will receive a copy of the supplement. Approximately half of the studies included in the supplement were supported, at least in part, by NIDA research funding, and several of the authors received research training fellowship awards through the NIDA International Program. The six full reports and 10 short communications published represent 15 countries and address the following general themes. First, the explosive nature of the spread of the HIV/AIDS epidemic is again evident, particularly in areas where drug abuse is driving HIV transmission rates, like South Central Asia. The second theme emphasizes the interrelationship between HIV prevention and treatment and drug abuse prevention and treatment. The third theme relates to research to understand and overcome barriers to conducting effective surveillance, prevention, and treatment interventions. Guest editors for the supplement were Dr. Steven W. Gust, IP Director; Dr. Steffanie A. Strathdee, University of California, San Diego; and Dr. Erin L. Winstanley, Johns Hopkins University. The 16 manuscripts were selected from 34 submissions received in response to a February 2005 open call for papers. The guest editors recruited more than 45 referees from nine countries to conduct an anonymous peer-review. Senior members of the Drug and Alcohol Dependence editorial board then reviewed the entire supplement. For more information on this supplement, please contact Dr. Winstanly at