September 1, 2016

The 9th Annual NIDA International Poster Session opened the 2016 annual conference of the Society for Prevention Research (SPR), held in San Francisco, California. SPR President Richard F. Catalano, Jr., Ph.D., University of Washington, and NIDA Prevention Research Branch Acting Chief Bethany Deeds, Ph.D., welcomed presenters and participants. The 25 international posters highlighted drug and alcohol abuse prevention research featuring U.S. collaborations with prevention researchers from 16 nations. NIDA provided travel awards to nine researchers: Lílian Patrícia Silva de Souza, Brazil; Alexandra Oliveira Paiva, Canada; Daniela Castillo, Chile; Renati Solomon, India; Meen B. Poudyal Chhetri, Nepal; Joachim Jacobs, South Africa; Carmen Orte, Spain; Olena Iakunchykova, Ukraine; and Claire Mawditt, United Kingdom. The poster session was held May 31.