April 12, 2012

NIDA has issued several Program Announcements (PAs) that will accept applications from non-U.S. institutions. PAs identify areas of science that are of increased priority at NIDA. The recent funding opportunities open to non-U.S. institutions include:

  • Technology-Based Interventions To Promote Engagement in Care and Treatment Adherence for Substance-Abusing Populations With HIV supports pilot feasibility tests (PA-12-118) and R01 research project grants (PA-12-117) investigating the utility and implementation of technological tools, including mobile devices, to promote engagement in HIV care among substance-abusing populations with HIV.
  • Health Services and Economic Research on the Prevention and Treatment of Drug, Alcohol, and Tobacco Abuse uses four separate types of grants to fund projects investigating service delivery models and organizational or systems-level interventions designed to improve the quality of prevention, treatment, and recovery support services for drug, alcohol, and tobacco abuse. Research projects might emphasize any of the following subjects: (1) clinical quality improvement, (2) organization and delivery of services, (3) implementation research, (4) economic and cost studies, or (5) development or improvement of research methodology, analytic approaches, and measurement instrumentation.
  • Strategic Alliances for Medications Development To Treat Substance Use Disorders (PAS-12-122) will support grants leveraging the strengths of two or more organizations in developing medications to treat substance use disorders. NIDA has set aside $6 million during fiscal year 2013 to support medications development projects focused at any point along the drug development continuum, from the advanced development of new chemical entities through preclinical testing and clinical trials supporting new drug applications to the Food and Drug Administration. Awards will provide up to $2 million per year for up to 3 years.
  • Use-Oriented Basic Research: Change Mechanisms of Behavioral Social Interventions (PA-12-119) will use Administrative Supplements to promote research across disciplines on the initiation, personalization, and maintenance of behavior change that leads to an improved understanding of the underlying principles of behavior change. The program is funded though the NIH Common Fund, which supports cross-cutting programs that are expected to have exceptionally high impact, and is administered by the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research.