February 2002

Media Guide: Reliable Background for Science Writers; "Bridging Science and Culture" Conference; Compton to Head DESPR; Walking a Good Path: 2002 Calendar

August 2001

Adding Vouchers to Behavioral Therapies Improves Marijuana Treatment Results; NIDA Supports Addiction Studies Program for Journalists

May 2001

Advisory Council Welcomes New Members; New NIDA-Funded Research Clarifies How Ritalin Works

March 2001

NIDA Executive Officer Receives Presidential Meritorious Executive Rank Award; "Walking a Good Path"; 

January 2001

New Leader Named for NIDA's Neuroscience and Behavioral Research Division; Steroid Abusers May Go on to Abuse Opioids, Too; Acupuncture Shows Promise as Element of Treatment for Cocaine Addiction; 

October 2000

NIDA Grantee Wins Biological Society Award; NIDA Employees Honored

September 2000

Buprenorphine Development Team Honored

August 2000

NIDA Researcher Wins Endowed Chair at Yale; Heating Solutions Used in Drug Injection May Inactivate HIV; NIDA to Sponsor Mini-Conference on Drug Abuse at APA Meeting

August 2000

Four New Members Join National Advisory Council; NIDA Research Informs Lawmakers on GHB Risks; NIDA Scientists Participate in Nicotine Research Conference

March 2000

Teen Alternative to Cigarettes Has Higher Concentrations of Nicotine; Russian University Honors NIDA Director