December 1997

Understanding Addiction as a Brain Disease; New Branch Chief In NIDA's Medications Development Division (MDD)

June 1998

New Branch Chief Oversees Health Services Research; Newest NIDA Monograph Discusses Clinical Trials for Cocaine Medications; 

October 1997

New Clinical Director For NIDA's Intramural Research Program; Gender, Ethnicity, and Age Make a Difference In Drug Dependence; New Staff Members To Improve NIDA's Research Dissemination

February 2002

Media Guide: Reliable Background for Science Writers; "Bridging Science and Culture" Conference; Compton to Head DESPR; Walking a Good Path: 2002 Calendar

January 2001

New Leader Named for NIDA's Neuroscience and Behavioral Research Division; Steroid Abusers May Go on to Abuse Opioids, Too; Acupuncture Shows Promise as Element of Treatment for Cocaine Addiction; 

July 1998

New Members Join NIDA's National Advisory Council; Director Named for NIDA's Medications Development Division; New NIH Review Groups

August 2005

Institute of Medicine Report Recommends NIDA Research Agenda for New Addiction Therapies

August 2000

Four New Members Join National Advisory Council; NIDA Research Informs Lawmakers on GHB Risks; NIDA Scientists Participate in Nicotine Research Conference

January 2003

Five NIDA Prevention Programs Cited by CSAP; NIDA Releases 2003 Calendar Featuring Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders

March 2006

Dr. Bill Carlezon Receives the 2005 Jacob P. Waletzky Memorial Award; Psychological Association Honors Dr. Nora D. Volkow