August 1999

NIDA-funded Scientist Receives Presidential Early Career Award; New Tracers Will Help Researchers Track Nicotine in the Brain; New York City's Declining HIV Epidemic

September 1999

NIDA Scientist Granted Honorary Degree by Italian University; Gender Differences in Progression to AIDS; Drug Discrimination Bibliography Available on the Web

February 2004

NIH Roadmap to Medical Research Funding; New Pathways to Discovery; Research Teams of the Future; Re-engineering the Clinical Research Enterprise

July 2006

NIDA Honors Dr. William L. Dewey, HHS and NIH Recognize NIDA Staff, ATLAS and ATHENA Prevention Programs Receive First Sports Illustrated Champion Award

October 2000

NIDA Grantee Wins Biological Society Award; NIDA Employees Honored

August 2000

NIDA Researcher Wins Endowed Chair at Yale; Heating Solutions Used in Drug Injection May Inactivate HIV; NIDA to Sponsor Mini-Conference on Drug Abuse at APA Meeting

September 2004

NIDA Brings "The Science of Addiction" to Times Square; Leader in Drug Abuse and Addiction Research Honored

August 2003

New Technology Expands the Scope of NIDA's Intramural Brain Imaging Program; Heads Up Poster Winner Selected

March 2001

NIDA Executive Officer Receives Presidential Meritorious Executive Rank Award; "Walking a Good Path"; 

November 1999

NIDA Director Receives Honorary Degree; Support Group Improves Outcomes for Pregnant Drug Users; Student Use of Marijuana Linked to Perceptions of Risk