December 2004

2003 Survey Reveals Increase in Prescription Drug Abuse, Sharp Drop in Abuse of Hallucinogens

August 2005

Trauma-Related Substance Abuse Persists After Mental Health Symptoms Abate; NIDA Support Brings First fMRI to South Africa; 

March 2000

Teen Alternative to Cigarettes Has Higher Concentrations of Nicotine; Russian University Honors NIDA Director

May 2005

Society for Neuroscience Honors Dr. Antonello Bonci's Research; Dr. Rochelle Schwartz-Bloom Is Recognized for Science Education Contributions

October 2003

Spotlight on Reality of Drug Abuse and Addiction: Seventh Annual PRISM Awards

November 2002

Study Sheds Light on Progression to Drug Dependence; Retiring Advisory Council Members

April 2002

Coping With Stress Subject of New NIDA Community Alert; Special Issue Highlights Research on Stress and Drug Abuse; Chronic Marijuana Abuse May Increase Risk of Stroke; Therapy Manual 4 Coming Soon; PSAs Warn Young Adults: Drug Use Can Impair Judgment, Result in Health Problems

October 2005

Ray, Jamie Foxx Among Winners of 9th Annual PRISM Awards; Breaking the Cycle of Drugs and Crime; 

March 2000

Recovery Harder for Addicts Who Start Young; UCLA Study Looks at Women in Treatment; Female Rats Progress Quickly to Drug Abuse; PTSD and Drug Disorders

April 2004

NIDA, CADCA Team for Public Education; Research Award Inaugurated at Neuroscience Conference