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The NIDA Blog Team
January 7 2019
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Here at the Drugs & Health Blog, our goal is to provide you with the latest scientific news on drug and addiction research to help you make smart and healthy choices. There was a lot to talk about this past year.

In 2018, our blog posts gave you the latest facts on the good news/bad news about teens’ drug use, the surprising ingredients in e-cigarettes, teens’ advice for getting involved in science and resisting peer pressure, and more.

We even had a few quizzes (with no grades!) so you can test your knowledge on social smoking, how drugs affect the brain, and other important issues.

Below, we’ve listed the top blog posts from the past year, grouped by topic area. For more drug news, check out the 2017 Blog Roundup.

Brain Science

Celebrities and Drug Use

Drug Facts for Teens

Guest Bloggers

Healthy Minds and Bodies


NIDA News and Events for Teens

Prescription Drug Use

Real Teens Ask About Drugs

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