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Sara Bellum
September 20 2012

Narcotics and prescription drugs account for about 75% of all deaths caused by unintentional poisonings in North Carolina.

“Unintentional poisoning” may make you think about small children accidentally taking medicines they find at home, but they make up the smallest fraction of the total—less than 1%! It’s much more likely to happen to a teen or an adult, mostly because of prescription and over-the-counter drug abuse.

Video PSA Contest

In March 2012, the North Carolina Attorney General announced the “Stop Rx Abuse” video public service announcement (PSA) contest [link removed]. The contest encouraged teens to create brief PSA videos on teen prescription drug abuse.

Check out the winning videos [link removed], selected from over 130 submissions from North Carolina teens in grades 9–12. You can also watch the 10 honorable mention videos on YouTube.

First Place

Homero Plancarte’s video shows how prescription drug abuse can have unexpected effects. The video’s tagline is, “One life, One wrong decision, Prescription drugs kill.”


Second Place

Trevor Belk’s video describes how people usually associate drug abuse with meth labs and street alleys, even though more people in North Carolina die from prescription drug overdoses than any other group of drugs.


Third Place

Carson Banks’ video describes facts related to prescription drug abuse and the arrests and deaths that can result from it. The video is brought together with the tagline, “Life is not a video. There is no rewind.”


Is your state, school, or community doing something to raise awareness about the dangers of prescription drug abuse? If so, what are they doing?

To learn more about prescription drug abuse or how you can help spread the word, check out NIDA’s prescription drug abuse awareness campaign for teens, PEERx.