Sara Bellum
March 6 2012

NIDA is the largest supporter of the world's research on drug abuse and addiction. Our responsibilities include sharing our scientific findings with the public. Teens are one of our most important audiences. Figuring out how to present our research so that teens pay attention to it can be challenging. That’s where YOU come in! For years, we’ve been talking with real teens who were recruited for our Teen Advisory Group. The group meets once a month over the phone and online to share feedback on materials and resources NIDA is developing for young people. Now, it’s time to recruit the new 2012–2013 Teen Advisory Group. Interested? Here are the need-to-know details:

  • What are Teen Advisory Group members expected to do?

Once a month, join us for a virtual session. We’ll provide you with a URL and toll-free phone number. Simply give us your honest feedback, ideas, and recommendations on the materials we share.

  • What will Teen Advisory Group members get in return for their commitment?

Teens will be paid $25 for each meeting they participate in, and they’ll receive a certificate from NIDA at the end of the 12 sessions.

  • Who should apply?

We’re looking for teens in grades 8–11.

  • How do you apply?

Send an email to to request the application.

  • When is the application deadline?

Applications are due March 31, by 6 p.m. Eastern time. Interested in sharing your opinions and getting paid to help NIDA reach teens with facts about drug abuse and addiction? Apply today! Please share this information with your friends and encourage them to apply as well.