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Sara Bellum
November 5 2010
A lightbulb with a brain inside it

Do you know what steroids can do to your body? What’s the drug most likely to be abused by high school seniors? How do people who use drugs be at greater risk for HIV infection, even when they’re not injection drug users? What is the class of prescription drugs with the highest rate of abuse? These are just a few of the questions that will twist your brain when you take the National Drug IQ Challenge, beginning November 5. The drug facts may surprise you. Arsenic, cyanide, and carbon monoxide are some of the chemicals you expose your body to when you do what? Memory loss and high rates of school failure are more likely under the influence of what mind-altering substance? Abusing which substance can lead to shrinking testicles in males and facial hair in females? Test your drug IQ. Get the facts before you act. Challenge your friends and family! Take the National Drug IQ Challenge!