Sara Bellum
October 14 2011

Teens have so many choices to make: what classes and afterschool activities to sign up for, which music or videos to download, where to go to hang out with friends. And that’s not all of them!

Making smart decisions can be complicated, but there’s one choice you can make that might help other teens as much as it helps you: On October 28, join the Sara Bellum Blog for the National Drug Facts Week CyberShoutout to shatter the myths about drugs.

By learning the facts about drugs and drug abuse [PDF, 7.42MB] and sharing your thoughts on your blog, Facebook, and Twitter, you’ll join thousands of teens around the country who are spreading the truth.

How You Can Participate

On October 28, we encourage you to do one of the following:

  • Blog about what you learned about drug abuse and let us know about it by dropping us a comment or sending us a message. SBB will post a link to select blogs on our blogroll.
  • Tweet your shoutout and use the hashtag #drugfacts2011. NIDA might retweet you on October 28. Post to your Facebook page using the tag @DrugFacts, link to NIDA’s CyberShoutout page, and share some important info that your friends might not know. If you post to your Facebook page, remember to open the privacy settings for that particular post so we can see what you wrote!
  • Give us a shoutout by simply posting a comment to one of the SBB posts you like on October 28!

No matter how you participate in the CyberShoutout, we hope you’ll be an online opinion leader on October 28 and help your peers get the facts about drug abuse and addiction!