Sara Bellum
January 30 2014

During National Drug Facts Week (NDFW), communities across the country are shattering the myths about drug abuse and addiction.

Several myths about drugs and drug abuse are related to how many teens are abusing certain drugs and what teens really think about drugs. NIDA’s Monitoring the Future study is an annual survey of 8th, 10th, and 12th graders that asks about alcohol, drug, and tobacco use and teens’ attitude toward these drugs. More than 40,000 teens participate every year.

Below are the findings from the 2013 study. Share this infographic with your friends, family, and classmates during NDFW to spread the truth about drug abuse.

Last two decades of alcohol, cigarette, and illicit drug use

 As perceived harm drops, use goes up

60% of high school seniors do not view regular marijuana use as harmful.

Prescription/Over-the-Counter Versus Illicit Drugs

Abuse of some synthetic drugs is down.