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Sara Bellum
May 17 2011
A woman pouring out a beer

We know you’ve heard how dangerous drinking alcohol is, especially if you’re underage. You might even hear from those who pressure you at parties and out-of-school gatherings that “everyone’s doing it.”

But the truth is, not everyone is doing it—take it from the scientists who know.

NIDA’s 2010 Monitoring the Future Survey of teen drug use and attitudes shows that alcohol use, especially among 12th graders, declined significantly in the past year. The large annual study notes that alcohol use among 12th graders is now at the lowest reported percentage since the study began in 1975.

Monitoring the Future also notes a significant decline in heavy drinking or “binge drinking.” Binge drinking is when people have several drinks in a row over a short time period, to get drunk.

So, if you ever feel pressured into drinking with that lame old line “Everyone’s doing it,” remember the real deal: Alcohol is out!