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Sara Bellum
February 9 2012
Photo of members of the boys and girls club of Greater Washington
Photo taken by the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Washington, Germantown, MD, branch. (November 2011)

NIDA scientists aren’t the only people on a mission to shatter the myths about drug abuse among youth. SBB caught up with teens at the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Washington at the Germantown, MD, branch and asked them to share what they have done recently to educate members about drug abuse.

Here’s a quick peek at some events that Keystone Club members held during November 2011.

  • To fit the spirit of Halloween, they passed out lollipops with drug abuse facts and messages, such as “Never take a prescription that is not your own.”
  • They coordinated a “drug facts quiz” that gave other club members a chance to win prizes.
  • They hosted a visit from NIDA Communications staff and learned about prescription drug abuse and the new, online PEERx resources, including the interactive Choose Your Path videos.
  • They held a scavenger hunt to find drug facts questions hidden around the club. Correct answers earned a prize.

With a little planning and help from their advisor, the Keystone members held several fun and educational events.

“I was impressed greatly by the way our teens took initiative and created a project that spanned the entire month of November,” said Evelyn Kyere, the teen director. “They worked together to ensure that the impact went beyond sharing information with their teen peers. They recognized that it’s never too early to prepare children to make decisions that promote a healthy lifestyle.”

Inspired? Check out the PEERx Activity Guide for easy event ideas and instructions. And let us know if your school or community group held a drug abuse prevention event recently—you could get a shoutout on the Sara Bellum Blog!