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Sara Bellum
November 1 2011
NIDA Scientists at Chat Day

Today is NIDA’s fifth annual Drug Facts Chat Day. Students and teachers in classrooms across the United States have the unique opportunity to submit questions to the Nation's top experts in the field of drug abuse and addiction. As part of this second annual National Drug Facts Week, today’s chat will help shatter the myths about drugs and drug abuse. NIDA’s experts will answer as many questions as they can. During the 2010 Chat Day, they answered more than 1,500 questions—including questions about the consequences of drug use, prescription drug abuse, and specific drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, and inhalants. Anyone can watch the 2011 live chat beginning today at 8 a.m. EST. However, only schools that have completed advanced registration and received an access code may submit questions. If your school isn’t registered and you want to ask a question anonymously, ask it below in the comments (just make sure to create a username that doesn’t identify you), and we may select it for future blog posts for SBB’s “Real Teens Ask” category.