May 25, 1999

The National Advisory Council on Drug Abuse convened its 72nd meeting at 1:00 p.m. on May 25, 1999 in Conference Room C at the Neurosciences Center, National Institutes of Health, 6001 Executive Boulevard, Bethesda, Maryland. Dr. Teresa Levitin, Director, Office of Extramural Program Review, NIDA, chaired the meeting. The meeting was for the purpose of reviewing applications for federal grant assistance and was open only to Council members and federal employees. The Council adjourned May 25 at 4:00 p.m.

Council Members Present:
Susan G. Amara, Ph.D.
Andrea G. Barthwell, M.D.
Kathleen T. Brady, M.D.
Rand D. Conger, Ph.D.
Gerald H. Friedland, M.D.
Linda F. Fuller, M.D. (ex officio)
Nancy J. Kaufman, R.N., M.S.
George F. Koob, Ph.D.
Clyde B. McCoy, Ph.D.
Thomas A. McLellan, Ph.D.
Perry F. Renshaw, M.D., Ph.D.
Kathy Sanders-Phillips, Ph.D. 
Catherine A. Stevens, J.D. 
Lei Yu, Ph.D.
Richard T. Suchinsky, M.D. (ex officio)

Council Members Absent:
Hortensia D. Amaro, Ph.D.
Joe D. Bennett, M.D.
Morton E. Goldberg, D.Sc.
Thomas A. Hedrick, Jr.
G. Alan Marlatt, Ph.D.

Council Chair and Executive Secretary:
Teresa Levitin, Ph.D.

Federal Employees Present:
National Institute on Drug Abuse

Thomas Aigner, Ph.D.
Khursheed Asghar, Ph.D.
Andrea Baruchin, Ph.D.
Robert Battjes, D.S.W.
Jamie Biswas, Ph.D.
Jack Blaine, M.D.
Ann Blanken
Roger Brown, Ph.D.
Helen Cesari, M.S.
Nora Chiang, Ph.D.
James Colliver, Ph.D.
JC Comolli, BSN, M.B.A.
Michael Costa
Paul Coulis, Ph.D.
Carol S. Cowell
Susan Coyle, Ph.D.
Katherine Davenny, M.P.H.
Kathleen Etz, Ph.D.
Jerry Flanzer, Ph.D.
Bennett Fletcher, Ph.D.
Gary Fleming, J.D.
Henry Francis, M.D.
Jerry Frankenheim, Ph.D.
Joseph Frascella, Ph.D.
Meyer Glantz, Ph.D.
  William C. Grace, Ph.D.
Diana Haikalis
Richard Hawks, Ph.D.
Thomas Hilton, Ph.D.
Coryl Jones, Ph.D.
Jagjitsing Khalsa, Ph.D.
Elizabeth Lambert, M.S.
Theresa Lee, Ph.D.
Eric Levin
Geraldine Lin, Ph.D.
Rita Liu, Ph.D.
Minda Lynch, Ph.D.
Jack Manischewitz, Ph.D.
Arnold Mills, M.S.
Kesinee Nimit, M.D.
Jacques Normand, Ph.D.
Maura OÕBrien, M.Phil.
Lisa Onken, Ph.D.
Nancy Pilotte, Ph.D.
Jonathan Pollock, Ph.D.
Rao Rapaka, Ph.D.
Cathrine Sasek, Ph.D.
Larry Seitz, Ph.D.
David Shurtleff, Ph.D.
Hari Singh, Ph.D.
  Karen Skinner, Ph.D.
Vincent Smeriglio, Ph.D.
Diana Souder
Pamela Stokes
Mark Swieter, Ph.D.
Pushpa Thadani, Ph.D.
David Thomas, Ph.D.
Marilyn Thomas
Frank Vocci, Ph.D.
Marina Volkov, Ph.D.
Naimah Weinberg, M.D.
Deborah Wertz
Cora Lee Wetherington, Ph.D.
Stephen Zukin, M.D.

Other Federal Employees
Gamil Debbas, Ph.D. - Center for Scientific Review, NIH


  1. Call to Order

    This meeting was closed to the public in accordance with Sections 552b(c) (4) and 552b(c) (6), Title 5, U.S. Code and Section 10(d) of the Federal Advisory Committee Act, as amended (5 U.S.C. Appendix 2).

    Dr. Teresa Levitin, Director, Office of Extramural Program Review, NIDA called the meeting to order. She provided an overview of the agenda for the meeting and reminded those present that the Federal Advisory Committee Act applies to Council and that this meeting was closed to the public. She summarized voting policies and procedures, provided detailed instructions on Council review procedures, and reminded those present about NIH confidentiality and conflict of interest policies.

  2. Application Reviews

    The Council divided into two subcouncil committees for the purpose of expediting application reviews and allowing for in-depth discussion as needed. Applications from the Division of Basic Research, the Medications Development Division, and the Center for AIDS and Other Medical Consequences were reviewed by a subcouncil committee chaired by Dr. Khursheed Asghar. During consideration of a Medications Development Division application for which the applicant submitted an appeal, Dr. William C. Grace chaired the subcouncil committee. Applications from the Division of Clinical and Services Research, the Division of Epidemiology and Prevention Research, and the Office of Science Policy and Communications were reviewed by a subcouncil committee chaired by Dr. Susan Coyle. Each subcouncil committee reviewed applications and made recommendations for concurrence with the initial Scientific Review Group. The recommendations of each subcouncil committee were carried back to the full Council for approval. No requests for administrative supplements were reviewed, although information on 20 that did not require approval was provided to Council. Two new Merit Awards were also recommended for approval.

    Members absented themselves from subcouncil and the full Council meetings during discussion of, and voting on, applications from their own institutions or other applications in which there was a conflict of interest, real or apparent. Conflict of interest statements were signed by each member. Members were not required to leave if an application in conflict with that member was acted upon en bloc.

    For this Council, 517 applications, requesting $559,157,908 in Total Years Direct Costs, went to review. Of these, 326 were scored by the Scientific Review Groups, representing $77,084,885 in First Year Direct Costs and $342,596,742 in Total Years Direct Costs. The full Council approved each subcouncil committee's recommendations, including recommendations to support the Merit applications.


Dr. Levitin adjourned the 72nd meeting of the National Advisory Council on Drug Abuse at 4:00 p.m.


I hereby certify that the foregoing minutes are accurate and complete.

Alan L. Leshner, Ph.D.
Director, NIDA
National Advisory Council on Drug Abuse
Teresa Levitin, Ph.D.
Executive Secretary
National Advisory Council on Drug Abuse

Note: Informational materials provided to the public at the open session of the meeting may be obtained from the Executive Secretary.