Job-Seekers Training for Patients with Drug Dependence

Drug abuse clients who are employed typically do better in their treatment than those who are unemployed. In addition, unemployment is a chronic problem in drug-dependent people. Despite the high rates of unemployment in this population, community treatment programs often do not have the resources to provide vocational services. This study examined the effectiveness of a 12-hour basic job-training program designed to give patients the skills they need to find and secure a job and set vocational goals and methods for locating employment. The intervention was modeled after the Job Seekers Workshop, which was manualized and trial tested.

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Svikis, DS et al. (2012).  Randomized Multi-site Trial of the Job Seekers' Workshop in Patients with Substance Use Disorders.  Drug and Alcohol Dependence 120(1-3):55-64.

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Dace Svikis, Ph.D.

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