Reducing the Risk of HIV and Hepatitis-C Infection: A Research Study cover

Through June 2000, injection drug users accounted for more than a third of all cases of AIDS reported among persons aged 13 or older to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Sixty percent of HCV transmission is related to injection drug use and as many as 50-95% of injection drug users are infected with HCV. This study tested two strategies to reduce the risk of contracting HIV or HCV by reducing risk behaviors in patients undergoing drug detoxification. The first included pre-test counseling, testing, post-test counseling, and the provision of HIV/HCV results. The second strategy, called therapeutic alliance, provided clients with information to guide them through the process of induction and aimed to facilitate transition to continuing care for drug treatment.

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Booth, R., et al. (2011).  Reducing HIV-related Risk Behaviors among Injection Drug Users in Residential Detoxification.  AIDS & Behavior.  15(1):30-44

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Robert Booth, M.D.

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