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Quiz and Tips for parents
- Vilma Ortiz-Dillon
Your children expect you to have all the answers, but you know it's not that easy. Try this quick quiz. The answers might surprise you.

True or False:

Q: My child is too young to start smoking.

A. False. Tobacco use usually begins at an early age. About 3,000 kids a day become regular smokers

Q: Marijuana use can affect my child's ability to participate in school, sports, and other activities.

A: True. Marijuana makes it harder for a child to learn, think, and remember things. It can destroy motivation. Regular use can even interfere with your child's physical development.

Q: If I talk with my children about alcohol and drug use, I'll put ideas in their heads.

A. False. Your children need to hear the facts. Tell them that alcohol and drugs are illegal, dangerous, and wrong and that you don't want them to drink or use drugs. At some point, they'II probably face peer pressure to experiment with alcohol and drugs. Don't wait until that happens to talk with them.

Did You Know That....?

  • Marijuana use by young people has been increasing since 1991.

  • The average age of first use of marijuana is 13.5 years old. That means that many young people start even earlier!

  • Marijuana use affects the brain and impairs short-term memory, perception, motivation, judgment, and motor skills. Regular use can lead to chest colds, chronic bronchitis, anxiety, and breathing problems and can affect normal growth in children.

  • Household items such as glue, spray paint, and whipping cream aerosols are abusable substances called inhalants. They are cheap, available, and dangerous.

  • Nobody is more important in talking with your children than you.

Bicycling is a healthful family sport
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Bicycling is a healthful family sport

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