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The Science of Drug Abuse and Addiction from the National Institute on Drug Abuse Archives of the National Institute on Drug Abuse web site
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This is a science-based resource calendar on the health effects of drugs of abuse and on drug addiction, its prevention, and its treatment. It has been made especially for Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and other Pacific Islanders, but we hope many communities, schools, and families nationwide will find it useful.

As one person has said, “By sharing our good food and family recipes, respecting our elders, and keeping our cultural memories strong, we strive to maintain our heritage for our children.” In the same way, NIDA passes along critical information about drugs of abuse.

Drug abuse and addiction affect every culture, race, socioeconomic level, and age group in the United States. Knowing the harmful effects of the drugs most frequently abused is one of the first steps toward understanding the high risks involved with taking drugs.

It is also important to have deep respect for those individuals who enter the healing process of treatment, and to acknowledge not only the drug abuser, but also an entire family, and often an entire culture.

We extend our deepest gratitude to those who contributed their guidance, creative recommendations, cultural sensitivity, and translation skills in the development of this resource.With their help, the rich and diverse histories of the many Asian, Native Hawaiian, and other Pacific Islander cultures are captured in the artwork or photography featured each month. In addition, they have provided translations for 9 of the months in this resource calendar, which features 12 of these cultures thriving in America today.

A message of hope underlies the images that represent each month—examples of Americans from the Pacific Rim cultures, young and old, who excel by living healthy and productive lives without drugs.

The calendar can be downloaded in pdf format. [pdf format 1.4 MB]

Past Calenders

Walking a Good Path, 2001 Indian Country Calendar

Walking a Good Path, 2002 Indian Country Calendar

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