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New Avenues for Sharing NIDA's Research News
Vol. 19, No. 4 (December 2004)

In support of the Institute's mission to lead the Nation in bringing the power of science to bear on drug abuse and addiction, NIDA shares the results of the research it funds in print and on the Web. The new communication products include NIDA NOTES collections and science meeting summaries and special reports.

New NIDA NOTES Collections

Three covers of NIDA publications

NIDA will soon offer a rich compilation of past NIDA NOTES articles on cocaine abuse and addiction. This new collection provides a snapshot of research findings and news that seeks to improve understanding of topics ranging from how cocaine works in the brains of abusers to treatments that offer hope for recovery. Capturing the past 10 years of cocaine research as presented in NIDA NOTES, A Collection of NIDA NOTES Articles That Address Research on Cocaine is available in print and online. For access to this and other NIDA communication products noted, see "For More Information."

Also rolling off the press with the cocaine articles collection will be revisions of NIDA NOTES Articles That Address Women and Gender Differences Research and NIDA NOTES Articles That Address Drugs and AIDS. Both collections are highly popular at conferences and other NIDA events. These publications join the ranks of equally popular NIDA NOTES collections on heroin, nicotine, marijuana, club drugs, prevention, and treatment.

Screen Capture of the Science Meeting Summaries Page

The new Science Meeting Summaries and Special Reports will offer synopses of key meeting points and PowerPoint presentations from meeting sessions.

NIDA Science Meeting Summaries and Special Reports

"Advancing Research to Reduce Drug Abuse and HIV/AIDS Disparities: Methodological Considerations" is one of the latest in a new series of meeting summaries and special reports featured on NIDA's Web site. Each document will summarize the major topics discussed at a recent NIDA meeting, provide relevant and engaging graphics, and offer PowerPoint presentations from the meeting.

NIDA plans to share many online summaries of future meetings. Upcoming meeting topics range from prenatal imaging to co-occurring substance abuse and mental health disorders.

For More Information...

Materials discussed in this article are just a mouseclick or phone call away.

NIDA NOTES Collections online: go to and select "NIDA NOTES." Visitors to this Web page can view and download each collection

NIDA Science Meeting Summaries: visit for Past Science Meetings and special reports.


Volume 19, Number 4 (December 2004)

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